Aftercare Advice



How to keep your Bio sculpture Gel enhancements looking beautiful:

Make sure you book a regular infill appointment with myself. The recommended time between appointments is 2-3 weeks, but this depends on the individual so please contact me for advice.

Don’t bite or pick your enhancements, this will cause damage to your natural nail and will weaken it.
Wear rubber gloves when you wash up or clean. The nail enhancements can absorb bleaches and detergents so wearing your gloves will keep them looking at there best for longer!

If you need to remove your nail enhancements this needs professional attention, so book a removal appointment with myself. I will be able to remove the enhancements without damaging the natural nail plate, using professional products. An O.P.I manicure is a great way of getting moisture back into your nails after removal.

Treat your nails with care, don’t use your nails as tools!