Bio Sculpture Nails

Biosculpture gel nails

Forget unkempt talons, enjoy beautiful nails with Bio Sculpture gel enhancements. A nail treatment that strengthens and conditions your nails. Applied over the natural nail or extensions, Bio Sculpture gel is the fuss free way to beautiful, hardwearing nails.

Suitable for fingers and toes, the gel gives you the finish of a top quality manicure without chipping or peeling. The finished nails will last up to 3 weeks before you will need an infill maintenance treatment. Where the nail has grown, the gel is reapplied over the re growth for the perfect finish.

Available in classic french, clear or a variety of colours, there is a finish to suit everyone.

Beautiful, long lasting nails, with minimal effort!

  • French Extensions £46
  • French Overlays £36 (Applied over the natural nail)
  • French Infills £31
  • Colour Extensions £43
  • Colour Overlays £33 (Applied over the natural nail)
  • Colour Infills £28

Nail art available on request, an extra £2-6 depending on requirements